Safety and Education

Safety, education, and motorcycle awareness are key aspects of A.B.A.T.E., A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education. Our main focus is the High School Motorcycle Awareness Program for Drivers Education students. We educate students to be aware of motorcycles on the road, how motorcyclists respond to road conditions, and how to share the road with other vehicles.

We also talk about the sport of motorcycling and encourage trained, safe, sober, legal motorcycle riding. Safety and Education go beyond the classroom. Motorcycle safety concerns are reviewed with chapter members with opportunities for First Aid/CPR classes and Accident Scene Management classes. Group riding skills are reviewed at the beginning of each riding season.

Reinforcing Motorcycle Awareness in the community is also important.
We want people to.
start seeing motorcycles

Participating in local events gives us the opportunity to talk with the community and make a connection. We are your nurses, dentists, truckers, librarians, secretaries, parents, grandparents and neighbors on two wheels. Please SEE US when we are riding.

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start seeing motorcycles